NutriBullet Reviews from a skeptic

I first came across the NutriBullet from an advertisement on YouTube, and I couldn’t help but notice how over-the-top David Wolfe was in the presentation.

I ignored the product for about a year thinking it was just another over-hyped item that would soon fade away. This was absolutely not the case, and the NutriBullet has actually become quite popular over the last year, and so it has caught my attention once again. I was intrigued and had to find out what the hype was all about myself, so I went out and bought one.

What is the NutriBullet

David Wolfe is the creator of the Nutribullet and he claims that it is not a juicer, nor a blender. He calls the NutriBullet an extractor.

What’s the difference?

Juicing retains the water and nutrients from your food and discards the fiber, whilst a blender retains all the nutrients and breaks down the fiber. David Wolfe’s claim is that his extractor will not only retain the nutrients, but will also break down the fiber much better than a blender will. Here is his video demonstrating how a blender will not process the fibers as well as his product.

First Impressions

Like I said, I bought this package as a skeptic, and still was until I first opened the box. I was instantly amazed with the quality of the parts and the design. Everything was very intuitive, and for the more complicated aspects (i.e. recipes, nutritional information etc.), they had a nicely packaged booklet containing all the information you need. There was also a journal in there to keep track of your progress. There was definitely a lot of effort put into this!

Nutribullet Guidebook


The footprint

Like I said, I went out and bought the nutribullet and was quite surprised to find how well built it was. Firstly, the size (or footprint as we call it) was substantially smaller than a blender. For anyone looking to bring this to the office, or just don’t have any counter space, this is perfect.

nutribullet size

As you can see, with the photo on the right, you can clearly see how much smaller it is. The blender I used for the comparison was the black and decker cyclone blender. Not only was the NutriBullet about half the size, but the power/wattage was nearly identical (Cyclone Blender = 650W, NutriBullet = 600W). That is pretty impressive to see.

Bring it on the go

What I also found was how well-designed this piece of equipment was. Not only does it come with 3 different extractors of varying sizes, but you can also flip the extractors upside down and use them as cups. If you`re in a hurry, just throw on a lid, put it in your gym bag and go. This is great for anyone on a tight schedule that needs their healthy meals.

cup sizes

Safe and easy to wash blades

The Nutribullet comes with 2 different blades. Each one can be used depending on how thick you like your liquids to be. What I really like about the blade designs is the safety of it. The blender that I use has sharp edges and is always a pain to clean. I can’t tell you how many times it has cut open my sponges (and nearly my fingers!). With this product, you’ll find that the edges are not too sharp, and therefore make it very safe.


The true test – How does it taste?

The most important part of any product – how well does it actually work? I put it to the test and after a few seconds a blending (or extracting as they call it), I had a nice cup of juice. It was as smooth as David Wolfe had shown in his promotional videos too. Whether or not the extractor actually provides a higher level of nutritional benefit than a blender is another question, and for that I would need to thoroughly try this out for a few months.


If you have a busy lifestyle and is a person whose always “on the go”, then this is the product for you. It’s small and compact, so you can carry it anywhere – to the office, in your purse or even leave it in the gym locker. For it’s size, it’s extremely powerful (just as powerful as the Black and Decker blender in the pictures above – yet half the size!). I would highly recommend this if you are the person I just described – and don’t forget, this is coming from someone who was once a skeptic!

If you’re interested in your NutriBullet, you can pick one up right here.


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  1. says

    Great review, I agree with most of your points.

    At first, I thought the NutriBullet was a gimmicky product relying all on hype too. I owned a low quality blender from Ninja and managed to get by with it, but I wanted something more powerful.

    Eventually I ended up picking up a Vitamix due to all the praise it gets. I loved it and used it daily for five months straight during a stint I had with raw veganism. One day I just decided that raw veganism is far too difficult and demanding to continue on. Luckily enough I discovered the word of Dr. McDougall and became a starchivore.

    Since I stopped being a raw vegan, I stopped using my Vitamix for daily raw smoothies. I also get frustrated making hummus in it because it is tricky to cleanup due to its size. It blends things perfectly, but it takes so much counter space for something that demands so much work to clean.

    I ended up picking a NutriBullet 900S in late November from Amazon. I wanted a blender that would be quick to use, but still powerful. The NutribBullet 900 S is definitely that. I am able to finally make single serving smoothies and bean dip on the go with it. Feel free to read a full review of the blender at my blog, Vegan Kitchen Appliances:

    Anyone that is looking for a blender that can make things quickly should look no further. I sort of regret spending hundreds of dollars on the Vitamix. When I drank giant green smoothies everyday, it was definitely worth the expense. Now though, I question why I even have the Vitamix.

    All I blend are servings of green smoothies for just one or two people. Making hummus quickly is the best. No longer do I have to spend like 5 minutes cleaning out the Vitamix. NutriBullets clean up fast and easy.

    Thanks for the article, Mat.

  2. Harold Harris says

    Several days ago I walked away from my NutriBullet while processing a blast (yes, I know). I froze in place when I heard the motor stop. The stench of burnt motor filled the kitchen. Afraid I’d destroyed my Bullet, I avoided using it. Well, today, my daughter gave it a go. It worked! IT WORKED! Nothing beats the NutriBullet.


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