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The Flawless Program – Clearing Your Eczema in 30 Days

I was recently approached by Christina Reeves to see if I wanted to do a review on her book, The Flawless Program – Clearing Your Eczema in 30 days (the site looks a bit “sales-ey” but I’ve read the book and it is full of genuine content!). This is actually my first time sharing a book review […]

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How to choose the best probiotic to help heal your eczema

Choosing the right probiotic supplement is highly important in helping your eczema heal. As I’ve mentioned before, having eczema is usually a sign of a compromised immune system.  So what does this have to do with your gut? If you’ve read my previous post on why gut health and probiotics are SO crucial in helping your skin get […]

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Easy To Make 2 Ingredient Cookie

Baking doesn't get easier than this.... here is a recipe for an easy, simple, and healthy 2 ingredient cookie! I love simple recipes and have been wanting to make this for a very long time. The recipe only takes 5 minutes prep time (yes!), and 10-15 … [Read More...]

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Delicious Crustless Spinach Quiche

If you like quiches – this one is for you! I’ve been delving more into food photography lately, so this one was taken with professional lighting equipment Quiches are my new favourite go to meal, and they’re super simple to make. This quiche only took about 10 minutes to prep and whip up, and the […]

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Creamy Hummus Recipe

I want to share with you today an awesome simple hummus recipe – made from scratch! It tastes just as great as store bought hummus, and best of all – it uses all  fresh ingredients!  Lots of store-bought hummus these days contains ingredients made from GMO or preservatives to keep it fresh. With this recipe, you’ll […]

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Which are the harshest ingredients that you should be avoiding?

What ingredients do you look for when searching for the best cream or best shampoo for eczema? Do you pay close attention to what goes into your shampoo? The personal care products are a $50 billion industry – especially in the United States. But what if you were told that the personal care products you […]

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Which Products for Eczema Should You Avoid?

It is important to choose the best shampoo for eczema; the type of shampoo and cream you end up using to treat your eczema is incredibly significant because your skin will absorb 60% of the topical products that you put on it. This means that if you use vaseline topically onto your body, (which is made from […]