eczema scars insecure

Are your scars your biggest insecurity?

“What happened to your skin?” I used to get asked this a lot. Shame, embarrassment, and disgust. These are a few words to describe how people feel about their eczema scars. Over the last few months and weeks, I’ve received a lot of emails from people asking me what they can use to make their eczema scars […]

the Eczema Podcast

{NEW Podcast Launch!} The Eczema Podcast #1: How to Prepare for a Diet Change

Introducing….The Eczema Podcast I’m so excited for this new post….because I’m officially launching my new podcast, “The Eczema Podcast,” for all my readers! I’m super stoked because I’ll be providing you with tips, products, resources, and the latest research. Plus, I’ll be interviewing experts in the field – from skin experts, to doctors, to nutritionists! Some of my guests […]

affirmations to heal skin

How to Use Affirmations to Heal Your Skin

 “This eczema sucks” “My skin looks horrible” “No one’s ever going to love me like this.” “This is never going to heal.” Do any of these words sound familiar – perhaps something you’ve said before? Check out my latest video on affirmations to heal your skin. Every single day – we have 30,000-60,000 thoughts that […]

adjusting to a new Eczema

Tips for Adjusting to your New Eczema Routine

If you’re struggling with eczema and you’ve been trying to figure out how to help it – it’s not always easy, but there’s hope. Starting a new eczema routine may involve a complete new lifestyle adjustment, which may affect you and your family. But don’t give up – there’s hope at the end of the tunnel. […]

eczema healing

Laura and Cynthia’s Eczema Success Story

Today I want to introduce to you 2 of my readers who have been following my blog and have experienced success in their eczema healing. As I write this, I’m also on the plane from Italy heading back home The weather in Italy was beautiful (a sunny 28 degrees!), and it totally lifted off the […]

natural eczema remedies

Curing Eczema Naturally: Aidan’s Story

Today, I have a special guest post from a courageous mom - meet April :) Her son, Aidan, had severe eczema, and she did everything that she could to help him get better. The only thing that worked for her was this: the Avène Hydrotherapy Center. For my … [Read More...]

Dating tips for eczema

Dating When You Have Eczema

Dating with any type of skin problem is never fun - especially when you have eczema. The most traumatizing thing about having eczema is how unattractive it makes people feel. So how do you go about dating and being in a relationship when you are suffering from … [Read More...]

Recipes for You

watermelon limeade

Watermelon Limeade

Here’s another very simple recipe for you to enjoy if you need a refreshing drink Ingredients 6 cups of cut up watermelon 1/2 cup fresh lime juice 2–3 tablespoons of raw honey (or your desired choice of sweetener) Lime wedges (for serving) Note: If you’re not a fan of sweets – you can omit the sweetener if you find that the watermelon is […]

watermelon salad

Refreshing Watermelon Mint Salad With Balsamic Vinaigrette

Mmmmm! If you’re into simple recipes – this one’s SUPER quick and delicious. It’s become my favourite salad of the summer and it only takes 10-15 minutes to make. All you need are 4 simple ingredients: Watermelon (6 cups) Feta Cheese (4 ounces – or adjust to taste) Balsamic Vinegar (1/4 cup) Mint (1/4 cup – or […]

Ingredients to Avoid


Which are the harshest ingredients that you should be avoiding?

What ingredients do you look for when searching for the best cream or best shampoo for eczema? Do you pay close attention to what goes into your shampoo? The personal care products are a $50 billion industry – especially in the United States. But what if you were told that the personal care products you […]

ingredients to avoid eczema

Which Products for Eczema Should You Avoid?

It is important to choose the best shampoo for eczema; the type of shampoo and cream you end up using to treat your eczema is incredibly significant because your skin will absorb 60% of the topical products that you put on it. This means that if you use vaseline topically onto your body, (which is made from […]